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Player slots on teams/divisions are subject to availability!

Spring is the traditional season for lacrosse and is significantly more competitive at all levels than the fall season. DL believes its teams, at all levels - youth to high school - developmental to championship, should be competitive within their respective brackets against other teams throughout the region. In achieving this goal, the DL lacrosse program is dedicated to teaching, training and instructing youth boys, over age 6 and under age 18, in the skills and sportsmanship associated with the game of lacrosse. 

Players receive instruction and training from coaches and assistant coaches in the basic skills of lacrosse as well advanced skills that will enable the boys to play at various levels of competition throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  DL, through its carefully selected coaches, strives to develop in our players the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, respect, integrity and strong character.


Denton Lacrosse aims to have the following youth boy’s teams for the Spring & Fall lacrosse seasons: Fall Season typically starts end of August with games beginning mid-September and ending first of November. Spring Season typically starts end of January with games beginning mid-February and ending first of May. Games and Practices Dates are subject to change!

Boys grades 1/2

Boys grades 3/4

Boys grades 5/6

Boys grades 7/8

PRACTICES: Practices for each team, except 1/2 Boys, will occur approximately 2-3 days per week. The practices generally start in late January to early February with about three weeks of intense practice to get players in condition and ready for the games (practices are likely to occur one time during the week and then on Saturday and Sunday due to daylight and field availability).  Once games start in late February, practices usually occur 2 days per week. The 1/2 Boys team will likely practice 1 to 2 days per week before games start and then practice 1 day per week after games start.

GAMES: Games in the spring are played both home and away. This means away games are played at the town of the program you are playing against. We play games against clubs located in towns throughout the entire Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Games in the spring can be any day of the week but most are on Saturday or Sunday. We expect there to be approximately 10 to 12 games during the spring season. The grade 1/2 team will have approximately 6 games during the spring season. Traditionally, the games start the last weekend in February and end in early May.

WHAT DENTON LACROSSE EXPECTS FROM ITS PLAYERS: Playing lacrosse on the Denton Lacrosse teams takes a certain level of commitment for the players to develop solid skills and for the teams to be competitive at their level of play. Players are expected to commit themselves to attend all practices and games and adhere to the following:

We place great emphasis and value on always keeping a positive attitude and respecting your teammates, opponents, and referees, no matter what the score. Poor sportsmanship is not acceptable and will get you benched. Although our goal is to win games, which is important and fun for players of all ages, we also believe it is important for our players to develop the skills, discipline, and attitude that will help them succeed later in life.

Attendance-- Players are expected to attend ALL lacrosse games and practices. Practices are as important as games. We believe that all lacrosse players need ample playing time during both practices and games to develop in a sport and to get the most enjoyment out of the game. Players should be fully dressed, on the field and ready to play -- on time.  Arrive 15 minutes before practice begins to dress. Arrive at least 30 minutes before all games to allow time for pre-game drills and warm up.

Respect -- Respect for your coach, your teammates and yourself. Coaches spend considerable time in planning and running practices to teach skill and prepare for games. A practice plan relies on consistent attendance from all players. With just a few late or missing players, a practice plan can be thrown out the window.

Teamwork-- Lacrosse is a team sport. Teamwork is a "life skill" that stays with young athletes long after they stop playing sports. It often makes them better in social, educational and, eventually, professional environments.

Commitment-- On a team, the group suffers unless everyone is committed to its success. Commitment requires that everyone practice their skills when at home and that everyone show up ready to play on time every session. Showing up "when you feel like it" just doesn't cut it in Denton Lacrosse, just like it doesn't cut it when you are a member of a musical band, a theatrical play, or any other group activity. Making commitments and fulfilling them are important in both sports and life. We want to send the right message to our players. The life skills learned in sports are much more sustaining than the sports skills that they learn (although we care a lot about developing sports skills, too).  

We will follow a simple equation:   

Skill + Attitude + Effort + Attendance = Playing Time

Players who commit themselves to the game of lacrosse by attending ALL practices and ALL games, ALWAYS giving their best effort, making EXTRA efforts developing competent lacrosse skills,( NOT JUST AT PRACTICES) and strictly follow the Code of Conduct will receive ample playing time. Players, who do not attend every practice and game, do not show up on time, do not try their hardest, have less skills than another teammate and or do not show respect for coaches, officials, opponents, and teammates will not be rewarded by the coaches with as much playing time as teammates. Coaches are required to put players in positions with BEST opportunity for the team and player to succeed. Game time is NOT the place develop or to learn skills. If the coach determines that player is not successful and not performing skills during game time, the player will get less playing time so the team is successful.

  • Playing time is not guaranteed. There is no minimum playing time requirement in the DFW league
  • Players are not entitled to playing time. Playing time is earned based on performance on the field in practice and games
  • Practice attendance, 3 days per week passing workout on your own, and skill and ability are taken into consideration. The better players have put in more work and will play more.
  • Having said all that, we try to get each player 1 quarter of playing time. Penalty time will cut into that if you are not on man up or man down teams.
  • Clean slate each practice each week. There is always open competition to beat someone out, to move up the depth chart, and earn more playing time.

DL - Playing up - Policy:  As a general rule, DL feels that players should play within the division corresponding to his/her school grade level. However, DL recognizes that there are special situations involving player skill and size that warrant consideration of a player's request to "play up". DL will permit a player to "play up" one grade where it is deemed safe, appropriate (meaning, having the requisite skills to do so) and a timely request is made by the player. By way of example, a 6th grade player can play up to the 7/8 grade division but a 5th grader cannot play up to the 7/8 grade division. The player must indicate a desire to play up at the time of registration and petition the organization to "play up". The player will be required to meet with a DL coach so that the player can be evaluated by the coach to determine if "playing up" would be appropriate for the requesting player. The coach will make recommendations to the board and the board will make the final decision.

* US Lacrosse membership are additional. Players are required to have a practice pinnie/reversible uniform. Players are responsible for their own gear.   

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